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swisstrade.com is a leading news portal for the global presentation of Swiss export companies. It aims to illustrate the strengths of the Swiss economy as well as those of its regions and industries by working with partners in Switzerland and abroad.

The Swiss economy is one of the most competitive, most export-oriented national economies in the world. It has a high concentration of major companies with global renown. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises form the backbone of the Swiss economy. Although many are highly innovative, they are often not well-known. swisstrade.com aims to provide a window into the export-oriented Swiss economy as a whole by systematically providing news articles about Switzerland’s foreign trade as well as both exporting and importing enterprises that are available to international stakeholders via a number of different channels.

The news platform swisstrade.com is supported by the association swiss export and the news agency Café Europe. Swiss export is headquartered in Zurich, and since its establishment in 1973 it has developed into the largest private export promotion agency for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Around 600 export companies from a wide range of industries count among its ranks. Café Europe is a news agency founded in 2005 that is based in Winterthur and provides news on the economy, innovation, and politics, above all on location promotion entities and trade associations.

swisstrade.com provides informative news on Swiss foreign trade and exporting and importing enterprises. The news articles are created by Café Europe in accordance with journalistic criteria and are bound by objectivity and transparency. swisstrade.com can use news of partners, if these news follow the same criteria.

Trade associations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, regional and foreign chambers of commerce, and foreign organizations with a link to Switzerland may all become partners of swisstrade.com. Partner organizations can use content from swisstrade.com both for their own newsletters and for other publications.Swisstrade.com can send newsletters that are tailored to a partner’s needs in their choice of layout with individualized content.Interested organizations should contact partner@cafe-europe.info.

Companies can subscribe to gain a news presence on swisstrade.com. This means they can ensure that news articles are created for all of their relevant information. This could be information on new products, services and collaborations or interesting events and changes of management. In this way, subscribers are able to guarantee that they have a constant, up-to-date presence in the world of news. Interested companies should contact partner@cafe-europe.info as well.

There is no option to advertise on swisstrade.com. However, permanent visibility on the platform is possible through sponsorship. Interested companies and organizations should contact info@swiss-export.com.

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