Baloise acquires stake in TRONITY

01 February 2023 09:27

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Basel/Mannheim - Baloise has acquired a stake in the mobility platform TRONITY. By partnering with the German startup, the insurance company is creating more security for clients who use electric vehicles via its “mobility” ecosystem.

Range, state of charge and battery life – these are the key data that interest users of electric vehicles. These figures are also important for insurers who want their clients' goods to reach the end user on time. To leverage this information, the Basel insurance company Baloise has decided to invest in the German mobility platform TRONITY, according to a media release.

TRONITY offers a web-based system for monitoring the function of electric vehicle batteries. From the state of charge to costs at charging stations and the expected service life of a battery, the system records all data in real time and can be called up at any time via an app. Owners of electric vehicles can register with TRONITY and have their vehicle data – such as journeys and charges – automatically transferred to a dashboard.

"Electromobility creates completely new possibilities that go beyond classic mobility: from the use of energy to your own photovoltaic system, the construction of decentralized electricity storage systems such as the car, and the sale of CO2 certificates of the so-called GHG quota," Patrick Wirth, Head of Mobility Unit at Baloise, said in the statement. "This is another reason why TRONITY fits perfectly into Baloise's mobility ecosystem."

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