BASE launches global alliance for energy transition as a service

12 May 2022 13:28

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Basel - The Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) and its partners have established the global Servitisation For Energy Transition Alliance. The aim is to make energy-efficient systems more affordable and accessible across the world through an emphasis on use rather than ownership. This in turn seeks to expedite the energy transition.

BASE has launched the global Servitisation For Energy Transition Alliance (SET Alliance) along with international partner organizations. According to an article from BASE, this alliance sees itself as “a collective effort to galvanise action on financing a paradigm shift towards low-carbon energy systems, green and circular economies, and ultimately sustainable development.”

Servitisation is the name of an innovative business model in which providers create added value from services in addition to their product. With the SET project, clients use physical assets in exchange for a user fee per unit used. Technology providers remain the owners and are responsible for maintenance. This reduces the costs for end users linked to purchasing and running more modern and efficient systems as well as all associated risks.

According to the information provided, BASE and its network have gained experience over recent years with the successful implantation of this model in industry, real estate, hotels, data centers, health institutes, and food production. These sectors have benefited from changing their heating, cooling, lighting, pressurization, and mobility systems to more efficient technologies.

With this model, technology providers are said to be interested in the longevity and recycling of their assets. This unlocks the circular economy potential of energy systems, “paving a path for a future that this world urgently needs”.

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