Industry leaders join Yasai

25 January 2023 10:19

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Zurich/Basel - The Bell Food Group has invested in the vertical farming startup Yasai. The startup’s Board of Directors is being fortified by the CEO of Bell Food Lorenz Wyss and the second new investor, Theo Stolze. He is a former shareholder of the Stolze Group, which specializes in tailored, technical solutions for greenhouse systems.

The Bell Food Group from Basel has invested an undisclosed amount in Yasai’s convertible loan round via its subsidiary Eisberg. According to a press release, Eisberg already serves as Yasai’s nationwide distribution partner. This capital injection will help the Zurich startup founded in 2020 achieve its growth targets.

Yasai also revealed that it has gained the industry leader Lorenz Wyss, CEO of the Bell Food Group, for its Board of Directors, stating “with Mr Wyss as an industry expert and Bell Food Group as a new investor, Yasai’s position in the market will be further strengthened”.

The extensive knowledge of novel farming technologies possessed by Theo Stolze, the second new Board member, forms the professional counterweight. Stolze has reportedly also invested in the spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. As export director of the Dutch company Stolze Group for over 30 years, he led the company specializing in tailored, technical solutions for greenhouse systems to international success.

Over the coming years, Yasai is planning to scale up production and increase its capacity tenfold. The construction of two additional industrial farms is already envisaged. Furthermore, starting in 2026, the newly developed residential quarter Lymhof in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich is set to become biggest vertical farming project in Switzerland. Without the use of pesticides, Yasai will be supplying local produce to the residential neighborhood there, including not only herbs, but through partners also lettuce and other vegetables. mm

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