Edelweiss flying to Canada again

16 May 2022 14:21

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Kloten - Edelweiss is scheduling flights to Canada again for the first time in two years. On May 15, direct flights between Zurich and Vancouver started up again. From June 12, flights to Calgary will also be offered. Destinations in the USA have also started to re-appear on flight timetables.

On May 15, the airline Edelweiss resumed flights to Canada for the first time in two years, further details of which can be found in a LinkedIn post. The first flight had Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia as its destination. The Zurich-Vancouver route will now be served on a weekly basis up to the end of May, with two flights per week then scheduled from the beginning of June.

A second Canadian destination, namely Calgary in the Province of Alberta, is set to follow on June 12. This route from Zurich will be served once per week in June, before two flights per week are scheduled from July onwards.

In the spring, Edelweiss also included destinations in North America in its flight schedule. According to an earlier LinkedIn post, the airline has been flying again to Tampa Bay in the US state of Florida and Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada since March. From June 13, it will also be flying to Denver, Colorado, which will then complete the airline’s 2022 summer timetable for North America.

Edelweiss, a Lufthansa subsidiary, is headquartered at The Circle, which is located at Zurich Airport in Kloten in the canton of Zurich.

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