Carbon neutral data center opened by ewl underground

22 June 2022 09:51

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Lucerne - Energie Wasser Luzern (ewl) has opened a sustainable data center in an underground bunker. It offers maximum security and aims to be carbon-neutral, with environmentally sustainable electricity and a lake water cooling system.

The energy service provider ewl has opened a sustainable data center underground, as was reported in a press release. The complex combines cutting-edge technology with sustainability through renewable energies, while waste heat generated by the data center is efficiently fed into its own network.

Since the data center is connected to ewl’s own lake energy and communication network, green electricity can be used for its operation. The hydro energy cooling system is fed with water from Lake Lucerne. Waste heat will be harnessed to warm buildings in the surrounding area.

As a result, the data center operates in an energy efficient and sustainable way, and “is growing into one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in Switzerland”, commented Patrik Rust, CEO of ewl.

The high-security data center stores important and sensitive data from different organizations. The requisite IT infrastructure is provided by 600 server racks over an area of more than 1,600sqm in an underground bunker in Wartegg in Lucerne. More than 50 years ago, this housed a civil protection facility for the Governing Council and the pupils of the Kantonsschule Luzern.

Some blasting was required during construction, since the hard rock in this subterranean environment provides the “highest level of physical protection and security”. Data security is enhanced through state-of-the-art technology such as biometric access control and CCTV.

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