Fischbacher presents fall collection

18 September 2023 10:18

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St.Gallen - Christian Fischbacher is set to present its latest fall collection. As was the case with this year’s spring collection, the manufacturer of rugs and home textiles is showcasing its fall offerings under the name “Seeking Beauty”. In developing the products for this collection, the company took nature as a source of inspiration.

Christian Fischbacher, the textiles company based in St.Gallen, is harnessing the power of autumnal colors for its new fall collection. According to a press release, the curtains, upholstery fabrics and carpets are being offered under the name “Seeking Beauty”. At the beginning of the year, Christian Fischbacher also presented its spring range under the same name.

Aside from home textiles, the family company also offers the DORATO design, which has already been implemented as a jacquard fabric in the form of a digital print on wallpaper. “This technique makes the watercolors painted by hand in the studio stand out particularly beautifully”, the company writes.

“Nature is a constant source of inspiration for us”, comments Creative Director Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher, adding that: “Every season has its own patterns and textures that we capture and translate into new designs”.

For more than 200 years, the traditional St.Gallen-based firm Christian Fischbacher has been manufacturing luxurious home textiles. These include fabrics for interior spaces, rugs, bedding and accessories. ce/ww

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