FREITAG thanks its imitators

20 September 2023 12:29

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Zurich - This year, FREITAG is looking back over 30 years of company history. As part of its celebrations, the Zurich bag-maker is thanking everyone who has imitated its bags, paying particular homage to Migros’s “Donnerstag” (Thursday) copy.

FREITAG is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year. The Zurich-based designer label, which is committed to circular economy principles, makes sustainable bags, accessories and clothing. The first of its F13 TOP CAT Messenger Bags, which are made from used truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes, seatbelts and buckles, was admitted to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

As the bag-maker explains in a press release, it wants to use its anniversary celebrations to thank all those who have imitated its products and therefore “helped to make FREITAG something of an original over the years.” This applies in particular to the Donnerstag copy, which company co-founder Markus Freitag discovered in 1996 in a branch of “one of Switzerland's largest supermarket chains.” Migros had copied one of the most iconic FREITAG bags, creating a new version made of new, thin plastic. “Thanks to a wave of sympathy from fans and friends, which was also picked up by the media, the retailer took the copy off its shelves and promised never again to name bags after days of the week,” says the press release.

Now, as it celebrates its anniversary, FREITAG is turning the tables and copying the copy – creating a sustainable version made of used truck tarps. The limited edition F13-D COPY CAT bags, of which only 400 units have been produced, are available for purchase until the end of September at FREITAG’s flagship store in Zurich, which has been transformed into an imitation of a branch of Migros. FREITAG will not make any money from these bags: 99% of the profits from this anniversary campaign will be donated to the Migros Culture Percentage initiative. ce/hs 

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