FREITAG launches personalized shopping bags

24 May 2023 11:15

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Zurich - Customers can now put together their own color schemes for FREITAG’s classic shopping bag, and are also able to choose from two different sizes. As before, the bags will be sewn together from discarded truck tarps.

On May 24, Zurich bag maker FREITAG launched two shopping bags for which customers can personally choose their own color schemes. For the bag body, customers can select one or two colors from “all the colors of the tarps covering the trucks that ply Europe’s transit routes,” according to a FREITAG press release. The same concept applies to the small inner pouch, which is exclusive to this model, and there is also a choice of colors for the handles.

“Once you’ve finished picking out the pieces for your bag to suit your own theory of colors, the store crew gets to work on-site with their sewing machines,” explains the press release. In addition to the original 20-liter bag (the customer-assembled version is called F740 SONNY SY), FREITAG is also now offering a smaller, 11-liter version with the model name F741 MIAMI VICE SY.

The bags are available immediately from the four FREITAG stores in Zurich (on Grüngasse), Munich, Bangkok Silom and Kyoto, with no need to reserve. Customers can book international delivery from the FREITAG store in Zurich online. ce/mm

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