Helbling puts sustainability reports on a solid basis

03 August 2022 11:46

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Zurich - Helbling is supporting companies in the preparation of sustainability reportings. The consulting firm is drawing on its many years of experience with sustainability issues as well as reporting solutions. Robust reporting is to serve as a basis for sustainable development.

Companies can benefit from the support of Zurich engineering and consulting company Helbling in compiling solid sustainability reports and integrate these into existing reporting structures. Disclosure and reporting solutions are key to greater added value, the company explained in an insight article.

Helbling’s experts can support in the definition of value creation and development of an integrated performance measurement system, by identifying non-financial and financial value drivers and KPIs and then integrating these into the existing reporting landscape.

Product life cycle assessments help companies identify greenhouse gas reduction potential across the value chain and support the definition of a net zero and decarbonization roadmap based on sound data.

In addition to this specialist knowledge, Helbling’s experts are drawing on their many years of experience with different regulations, standards and frameworks for evaluating and monitoring the sustainability of a business, its products and technologies. Customers can consequently be supported in developing a sustainability strategy and underlying operating model.

Helbling’s service offering “provides the building blocks needed to develop and implement an impact-oriented reporting system”. According to the experts, sustainability aspects are likely to soon become a natural, integral part of any performance report.

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