Helitech Asia set to sell Glarus-made helicopter in Asia

26 May 2023 10:14

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Mollis/Rome/Singapore - The Italian aerospace company Leonardo has agreed a partnership with Helitech Asia. The Singapore-based partner is now set to sell the AW09 helicopter in south-east Asia. The AW09 was developed by Kopter in the canton of Glarus. Kopter is now part of Leonardo.

The Italian aerospace group Leonardo has entered into a partnership with the Singapore-based firm Helitech Asia, further details of which can be found in a press release. Helitech Asia will be responsible for sales of the AW09 helicopter in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines. Leonardo has already registered significant levels of interest in the helicopter in these countries.

The AW09 is a helicopter with its roots in the canton of Glarus. It was originally developed by Kopter in Mollis. The company was taken over by Leonardo in 2020. 

AW09 is the fourth prototype of the single-engine helicopter. It is being tested at its home location in Mollis in the canton of Glarus up to the end of 2023. Thereafter, the focus will be developing a fifth and final prototype. The helicopter will then initially be certified in the EU.

In March, Leonardo announced preliminary sales contracts for 50 AW09 helicopters. This includes ten units for Helitech Asia. In addition, as part of the contract agreed in March, Helitech Asia has the option to secure ten additional units. ce/ssp

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