HSG spin-off takes root in the USA

04 August 2022 11:58

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Goldach - CollectID from the canton of St.Gallen has developed a blockchain-based technology for registering individual pieces to improve detection of fake products. The spin-off from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) has already secured international customers. Now, CollectID has set its sights on the USA.

CollectID has developed technology that links limited edition products with the blockchain and registers them as individual pieces, as the University of St.Gallen explained in a press release. The spin-off from the HSG uses Near Field Technology familiar from contactless payment, known as NFC tags. 

Products get equipped with secure NFC tags only a few micrometer thick. Alongside forge-proof authentication of products, the CollectID tags can also provide information for sellers and buyers. 

The St.Gallen startup specializes in sports, fashion and wine. CollectID has already secured some international customers with the registration of sports merchandise, in particular. Its success stories include Super League football clubs such as FC Zürich, the Young Boys from Bern and FC St.Gallen, the German Bundesliga clubs VfB Stuttgart, 1. FC Köln and Bayer Leverkusen as well as Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro. In addition, CollectID is currently in negotiations with a major Champions League club. 

CollectID is now setting foot in the USA. At the start of the year, the startup fitted tags to the jerseys of U.S. hockey team Nashville Predators. This cooperation will help CollectID gain further customers in the world of U.S. professional sports. “We are in the process of establishing a team in New York,” said CollectID cofounder David Geisser in the press release.

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