Jörg Lienert AG completes generational handover

24 January 2023 11:54

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Lucerne - Jörg Lienert has handed over control of his eponymous company for personnel consulting to his son Tobias. In the 40th year after the company was founded, further changes have also been made to the company’s management and image. These are intended to make the company fit for the future.

The personnel consulting company Jörg Lienert AG, founded in 1983, is completing a generational change in the year it celebrates its 40th birthday. At the beginning of 2023, the founder and sole owner Jörg Lienert handed over control of the company to his son Tobias Lienert, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by the company, which is based in Lucerne with locations in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Zug and Zurich. “It fills me with joy that this step is now a reality and that I can hand over my life’s work to my son Tobias”, Jörg Lienert comments in the press release.

In preparation for future challenges, Jörg Lienert AG is making further changes to the company management. The previous operational manager, Markus Theiler, will become President of the Board of Directors, while Tobias Lienert, as Managing Director, will take over the operational management of the personnel consultancy. Silvan Winkler, who joined Jörg Lienert AG in 2021, is now in charge of the Diagnostics & Projects business area, which was newly established at the beginning of the year. Tobias Lienert’s successor as head of the Lucerne branch is Stephanie Briner, head of mandates and top-sharing expert. Jean-Pierre von Burg, head of the Bern branch, has been appointed to the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Jörg Lienert himself will remain associated with the company as a member of the Board of Directors “at the request of everyone”, according to the press release. As a result, the company can “continue to benefit from his immense network and his strategic expertise”. There are also plans for a brand refresh for Jörg Lienert AG to mark the anniversary year. hs

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