[Translate to English:] Sauter Bachmann feiert in diesem Jahr sein 100. Firmenjubiläum. Bild: zVg/Sauter, Bachmann AG

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Sauter Bachmann celebrates centenary

24 November 2022 11:07

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Netstal - The industrial company Sauter Bachmann will be celebrating 100 years since it was founded this year. There will also be a change at the top: at the end of the year, CEO and shareholder Martin Sauter will retire and transfer his shares over to new hands.

This year, Sauter Bachmann AG has been celebrating 100 years since it was founded with several events. According to a press release from the company, cantonal minister Marianne Lienhard sees it as “a wonderful example of how companies in the canton of Glarus are adapting again and again to changing conditions”. She adds that this is why the importance of this operation for the canton of Glarus cannot be overemphasized.

Sauter Bachmann was founded in 1922 by Heinrich Sauter and Walter Bachmann in Netstal as Sauter, Bachmann & Cie. Zahnräderfabrik. The company has grown into a leading international industrial business under the management of the two families. 

It develops and produces gears, gear units, and whole drive systems for aerospace, the automotive and machinery industries, and for energy and environmental technology. The company states that one key feature is that it performs all important manufacturing processes for gear components and systems at its own plant, which means it can offer them from a single source.

The end of this centenary year will see the retirement of Martin Sauter, grandson of co-founder Heinrich Sauter. His shares will go to two engineers: Philippe Jaques and Reto Crestas. According to the press release, this “ensures the continuation of a company steeped in tradition with a Swiss solution and lays the foundation for ambitious growth in future.” Max Bachmann will continue to preside over the administrative board.

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