Skyguide solution eases burden on air traffic controllers in Europe

12 May 2022 10:10

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Geneva - The Swiss air navigation service provider skyguide has launched a solution as part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 project that aims to reduce the workload for air traffic controllers. It was realized in collaboration with European partners. Skysoft-ATM will manage the test run in Geneva in mid-June.

Two Swiss companies have played a major part in the development and implementation of a solution to ease the burden on air traffic controllers and make the European airspace safer. The Swiss air navigation service provider skyguide has launched this solution within the context of the European research and innovation promotion program Horizon 2020 through the SESAR 2020 joint project. Skysoft-ATM is responsible for developing the platform within the SESAR project. This company, which specializes in management systems for air transport, will lead the practice tests that will be taking place in Geneva in mid-June.

After two years of collaboration, operational validation was realized for the SESAR solution PJ.10-W2 96 Attention Guidance in Geneva at the end of January. This provides tools for air traffic controllers and team organization for separation in air traffic management. According to a press release from Skysoft-ATM based in Geneva, the principle is to hide largely nonconflicting flights to reduce the number of flights being scanned by air traffic controllers.

Leonardo, an aerospace, defense, and security company based in Rome, is among the public and private partners of the joint SESAR project. It has been leading this development. The UK-based air navigation service provider NATS is responsible for the human factor, while the Hungarian air navigation service provider HungaroControl oversees safety aspects. General management of this new functionality lies with the German air navigation service provider DFS.

Skysoft-ATM commented on the project as follows: “We are paving the way for the future of air traffic management by offering our ATCOs even more efficient and innovative tools.”

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