AELER’s innovative containers revolutionize sustainable logistics globally

13 February 2024 14:29

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Ecublens - Vaud-based start-up AELER Technologies is set to transform the industry with its cutting-edge container technology.

At the heart of AELER‘s mission is the reinvention of the shipping container, a staple in global trade that has seen little innovation over the past six decades. AELER’s containers are designed to be stronger, insulated, intelligent, and more durable, offering a higher payload and catering to a wide range of industries. This innovation not only meets the modern demands of logistics but also aligns with the urgent need for sustainability in the sector.

The startup’s collaboration with Procter & Gamble underscores the industry’s recognition and support for AELER’s vision. This partnership, characterized by shared communication and co-marketing efforts, reflects a mutual commitment to environmental sustainability.

AELER’s containers are particularly adept at transporting bulk liquids, temperature-sensitive goods, and high-value-added goods, such as electronics and raw materials for consumer good production. The company’s technology addresses the current market demand for more efficient and sustainable shipping solutions, making AELER’s offering increasingly competitive.

To support its ambitious growth plans and meet the rising demand, AELER is in the process of raising CHF 20 to 25 million in a Series A financing round. Located at the EPFL Innovation Park, the start-up aims to significantly increase its container fleet in 2024, further solidifying its role in transporting a substantial value of goods for its clients and leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient logistics industry. ggba

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