Aryzta building new large-scale bakery in Western Australia

19 December 2023 10:56

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Schlieren/Perth - Aryzta is to build a new bakery in Perth in Western Australia. It is estimated that the overall investment for this project will come in at around 40 million euros. The new bakery will help to save approximately 1.7 million food transport miles for baked goods from the Aryzta bakeries in the east of Australia.

Aryzta, a producer of baked goods from Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, is to construct a new bakery in Perth, Western Australia, to supply the wider region, further details of which can be found in a press release. From its site at the Peel Business Park, the new bakery will serve quick service restaurants, food service and retail customers. Located 60 kilometers from Perth city center, the site will create 80 direct jobs and over 500 indirect jobs in the Perth region. The overall investment is estimated to total approximately 40 million euros.

According to the press release, the Perth bakery will help to save an estimated 1.7 million food miles (2.73 million kilometers), which to date have been clocked up on the basis of transporting baked goods to customers in Western Australia from the two existing Aryzta bakeries in New South Wales and Victoria in the east of Australia.

“Australia is an attractive growth market for bakery products and this expansion in Perth will allow Aryzta to produce fresh and frozen products as opposed to shipping frozen only over long distances from our plants in eastern Australia”, comments Urs Jordi, Interim CEO of Aryzta AG, in the press release.

Jordi goes on to explain that the project boasts great sustainability credentials and will additionally help to create both direct and indirect employment opportunities in the region. “It will reduce food miles and use renewable energy. The 40 million euros investment capex will be funded within our 3.5 to 4 percent revenue guidance in our midterm plan to ensure we continue to generate cash and reduce total debt below 3x by 2025”, Jordi concludes in the press release. ce/gba 

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