Axon Vibe simplifies use of New York public transport

11 August 2023 09:51

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Lucerne/New York - The Lucerne-based firm Axon Vibe has developed a redesigned app for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. Its patented technology simplifies access to the subway, buses and trains in the State of New York for just over 2.4 billion passengers each year.

Axon Vibe has completely redesigned the app for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York. The beta version has now been launched for interested users, with the existing app set to be replaced by the new version later this year, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by Axon Vibe. It is intended to help more than 2.4 billion passengers per year to efficiently navigate their way across the state of New York to their destinations, taking into account real-time data and their personal needs. In addition, the state of New York expects this to support its ambitious climate goals.

As the New York public transportation authority states in a press release of its own, Axon Vibe actually won the MTA Transit Tech Lab Accelerator in 2019. “Axon Vibe is thrilled to continue supporting the MTA with our smart transit technology, aimed at promoting sustainable travel and increasing public transit ridership”, as Roman Oberli, CEO of Acon Vibe, explains in the MTA press release.

Axon Vibe was founded in 2014 as the successor to Endoxon, which provided the core technology for Google Maps before being acquired by the tech giant. Companies such as Deutsche Bahn, East Japan Railways and the MTA in New York make use of Axon Vibe’s patented mobility platforms, which are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to increase passenger numbers, optimize their systems, ease commuter flows and shift private trips to public transportation options. “This directly leads to significant reductions in CO2 and noise emissions”, Axon Vibe writes in the press release. ce/mm

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