Axon plans to make Central Switzerland a center for digitization

08 November 2023 09:11

Lucerne Business

Lucerne - The Axon Group is seeking to expedite digitization in Central Switzerland, where it is based. The company plans to implement a program that will significantly develop its value chain and to expand its headquarters at Lucerne’s Schlössli Schönegg.

The Axon Group is planning to make Central Switzerland a center for digitization. According to an article in the “Luzerner Zeitung” newspaper, the Group, which is currently invested in eight software companies, plans to expedite digital transformation in all areas of the regional economy. Its core projects include the Axon Vibe mobility app and the Klara Ecosystem, which is majority-owned by Swiss Post. The Axon Vibe app can build on the expertise gained through its use in the New York public transport system. A strategic partnership with Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB) has yet to be agreed. The Klara Ecosystem aims to facilitate communication links between companies, public authorities and individuals, particularly in the SME sphere, and is currently developing rapidly.

The Axon Group has employed over 500 software developers at various locations in Vietnam to implement the digital projects. The article quotes Peter Delfosse, CEO of the Axon Group: “At the start, we built the development resources for ourselves, but today we predominantly develop software in Vietnam for third-party companies based in Switzerland.” He adds that Axon sees itself as an extended workbench for Swiss companies.

The Axon Group is also planning to invest 15 million Swiss francs in expanding its headquarters at Lucerne’s Schlössli Schönegg in 2024, adding an auditorium with capacity for around 200 visitors, a staff restaurant and additional spaces for collaboration with other companies. Delfosse explains: “We want to make Lucerne and Central Switzerland a center for digitization.” ce/ww

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