Axpo builds its first biomethane plant in Portugal

04 April 2024 12:54


Baden/Vila do Conde - Axpo from the canton of Aargau is entering the Portuguese biomethane market. From the end of 2025, it plans to produce 15 gigawatt hours of renewable gas per year from agricultural waste at a plant in the north of the country. Axpo’s subsidiary Goldenergy plans to feed the gas into the network.

Axpo Iberia, Axpo’s subsidiary Goldenergy, the northern Portuguese community Vila do Conde, and the local farming business Teixeira do Batel have signed an agreement to develop, construct, and put into operation a biomethane production plant. This will generate 15 gigawatt hours of gas from agricultural waste each year. According to a press release, Goldenergy will feed the biomethane produced at the biogas plant into the national gas network.

The biomethane production plant in Vila do Conde is Axpo’s first in Portugal. It is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2025 and is receiving an initial investment of around 8 million euros in funding. Axpo Iberia CEO Ignacio Soneira comments in the press release: “The development of this plant marks our entry into the biomethane market in Portugal, strengthening our leading position in the renewable sector.” Axpo plans to produce a total of a terawatt hour of biomethane per year on the Iberian peninsula by 2030. 

Miguel Checa, CEO of Goldenergy, believes that biomethane can play a vital part in decarbonization, adding: “This is a good example of our continuing contribution to the circular economy by converting waste into energy.”

The administrator of Teixeira do Batel, José Luís Teixeira, states that biomethane production will decrease the company’s environmental impact. He comments in the press release: “This investment is very positive for the farm.” ce/js

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