Bühler and Entocycle scale up insect farming

04 September 2023 10:40

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Uzwil/London - Bühler will drive forward the implementation of industrial production facilities for black soldier flies with the London-based insect farming company Entocycle. The processing technology specialist based in Uzwil in the canton of St.Gallen has already implemented similar projects in France and the Netherlands.

Bühler and Entocycle have entered into a partnership to further advance the implementation of industrial production facilities for black soldier flies (BSF). According to a press release from Bühler, one of the world’s largest processing technology companies with headquarters in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, together they plan to create scalable global solutions for farming facilities.

To achieve this, Bühler will bring its technological expertise for feed substrate processing, larvae farming, and industrial-scale end-product processing. Entocycle will contribute its own farming technology. Bühler has already completed substantial projects in this field: In 2019, it supported Protix with the world’s first commercial BSF plant in the Netherlands. Additionally, one of Bühler’s most recent projects was to deliver the first industrial BSF plant for Agronutris in France.

Companies are increasingly seeing the importance of industrial use of BSF as an alternative source of protein according to Andreas Baumann, Head of Market Segment Insect Technology at Bühler. He added: “To accelerate scaling this industry we must contribute to lowering the hurdles for companies to enter this business.” According to Entocycle’s founder and CEO Keiran Whitaker, the company plans to deliver large-scale BSF facilities around the world with Bühler to make an impact in “creating a more sustainable and efficient global food system.” ce/mm

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