Daedalean has found an AI chip that is powerful enough to support its AI systems for the cockpit. Image provided by Daedalean

Daedalean integrates Recogni's AI chip into flight systems

14 February 2024 10:19

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Zurich/San Jose - Daedalean has found an artificial intelligence (AI) chip powerful enough to support its cockpit AI systems. It was developed by Recogni, a company specializing in the development of high-performance, low-power AI inference solutions.

Daedalean has selected Recogni's Scorpio AI chip as the main processor for its new flight control unit. According to a statement from the Zurich-based developer of safety-critical AI systems for situational awareness and flight control, this has given a "decisive boost" to Daedalean's mission of bringing certifiable AI systems into aircraft cockpits and ultimately moving closer to autonomous flights. Recogni, which is based in San Jose, California and Munich, Germany, develops AI-based perception for autonomous vehicles. With Scorpio, it has unveiled hardware “powerful enough to support Daedalean's unprecedented algorithms”. 

The vision inference chip enables superhuman object recognition accuracy of up to 300 images in less than 10 milliseconds under different environmental conditions, as well as processing multiple visual streams from ultra-high resolution cameras at very high frame rates. In doing so, it consumes only 25 watts. The chip also meets the requirements of the Federal Aviation Authority. The two companies had announced their collaboration in mid-January.

“Scorpio is a solution that addresses the key problems we were looking to solve, such as the elimination of costly and heavy cooling systems,” Daedalean CEO Luuk von Dijk is quoted as saying. The chip is “the answer to these challenges and also has the potential to solve future problems. We are now in a position to offer the industry a product that will bring a higher level of safety to general aviation cockpits from day one. At the same time, we are paving the path towards autonomy."

Daedalean will unveil its solution at the Singapore Airshow Singapore Airshow from 20 to 25 February. ce/mm

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