DeFi subsidiary Valour launches ETP with Bitcoin Suisse and STOXX

21 March 2024 13:45

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Zug/Toronto/Eschborn - Valour, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, has launched an exchange-traded product (ETP) with Bitcoin Suisse AG and STOXX. It tracks the index of the most important digital assets in blue-chip countries.

The ETP issuer Valour Inc. has collaborated with Zug-based Bitcoin Suisse and  STOXX to launch the 1Valour STOXX Bitcoin Suisse Digital Asset Blue Chip. The new ETP tracks the STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip X Index, in particular stocks that are traded on Xetra. According to a statement from Valour's parent company, DeFi Technologies, which is based in Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario and in Zug, “it marks a significant step forward in the digital asset market, providing a diversified investment approach to the top blue-chip digital assets in a simple and secure manner.”

This initiative combines Valour's expertise in issuing ETPs, Bitcoin Suisse's experience in crypto-finance and STOXX's expertise in index management, writes DeFi. The new product builds on the existing partnership between DeFi-owned Valour, which is also based in Toronto, and Bitcoin Suisse. The partnership was initially formed to develop ETPs for the international and Swiss markets backed one-to-one by digital assets.

“The Blue-Chip Index is derived methodically from a systematic rule set, making digital asset selection for portfolio diversification more accessible and less complex,” Bitcoin CEO Andrej Majcen is quoted as saying. Valour Chief Sales Officer Marco Infuso describes the ETP as “the perfect tool for entering the crypto world” with just one position in a portfolio. It can therefore be used “as a kind of satellite approach in an institutional portfolio and is ideal as a monthly savings plan solution for retail customers." ce/mm

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