Element Biosciences relies on Tecan’s lab automation

10 February 2023 10:34

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Männedorf/San Diego - Element Biosciences from California is collaborating with the laboratory equipment supplier Tecan from the Greater Zurich Area. The aim is to make DNA sequencing more efficient. Tecan will help to automate DNA sample preparation.

Element Biosciences provides systems for DNA sequencing, which determines the nucleic acid sequence of a DNA molecule. The process can be used to analyze the genomes of organisms. The systems created by the company with headquarters in San Diego are primarily used by life sciences researchers.

Now, the Californian company plans to further automate its AVITI DNA sequencing device. To do so, it is relying on the knowledge of Tecan, a company located in Männedorf on the banks of Lake Zurich. According to a press release, the laboratory equipment provider will bring its MagicPrep system to the partnership. This automates DNA sample preparation for DNA sequencing, meaning that this step no longer needs to be carried out manually by laboratory workers.

Klaus Lun, Executive Vice President and Head of the Life Sciences Division at Tecan, commented: “We are excited to be working with Element Biosciences, using our complementary expertise to bring automated library preparation to even more researchers.” The partnership aims to make the entire DNA sequencing process more efficient.

Tecan was founded in 1980 and currently employs more than 3,000 members of staff. It has sites for production, research, and development in Europe, North America, and Asia. ssp

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