H55 and VmoAir launch joint program for e-aircraft leasing

28 April 2023 09:09

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Sion/Dublin/San Francisco/Singapore - The electric aircraft manufacturer H55 and the Irish firm Vmo Aircraft Leasing have agreed a long-term collaboration. The aim here is to reduce the environmental footprint of the aviation industry.

The e-aircraft pioneer H55 and the Irish firm Vmo Aircraft Leasing (VmoAIR) have announced a contractual cooperation against the backdrop of the Revolution.Aero Dublin 2023 aviation conference, which took place in the Irish capital. According to a press release, the two companies intend to play their part in developing clean, emissions-free aviation services.

H55 and VmoAir will jointly offer leasing programs with the aim of supporting the emerging market for electric aircraft financing, battery storage energy and management systems. H55, which is based in Sion in the canton of Valais, can call on many years of experience in the development of solar-powered and electric aircraft for the benefit of the agreed partnership, while VmoAir, which also has offices in San Francisco and Singapore, brings its business capabilities in the area of aircraft leasing to the table.

“As we are getting closer to commercialize clean aviation products, we believe it’s important to provide financing solutions for innovative products to facilitate the transition to sustainable aviation”, explains André Borschberg, Executive Chairman of H55, in the press release. The leasing model will allow operators to take full advantage of their investment.

“Leasing batteries with regular battery replacements, which will evolve in terms of improved performance, will move the cost of fuel to investing in technology”, Borschberg adds, before concluding: “We believe that this is a very attractive offering, which only reinforces the economic and environmental advantages of electric aviation." Robert Brown, Executive Chairman of Vmo Aircraft Leasing, expresses his view that the “giant addressable market” will allow lessors to “play a key role in financing electric and hybrid-electric aircraft”. ce/ww

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