Hälg tests AI use for energy-efficient building technology

16 May 2024 09:09


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St.Gallen - Hälg plans to save energy in building technology with artificial intelligence (AI). To do so, it has started a test project for an AI-based control software from R8 Technologies from Estonia. The manufacturer promises building operation with stable climate conditions.

Artificial intelligence could contribute to decreasing energy consumption in building technology. According to a press release, Hälg AG, a building technology company based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, has started a pilot project for the AI-based software technology R8 Digital Operator from R8 Technologies.

The tests aim to determine the energy-saving potential of building control at the company’s own facilities at the headquarters in St.Gallen. The software uses algorithms developed through AI “that monitor and automatically optimize the needs of various areas within buildings”.

The manufacturer with headquarters in Estonia promises efficient, sustainable controls for building technology. According to the press release, the adaptations “run intelligent, proactive and predictive controls simultaneously and ensure automatic automation of building technologies” unlike usual building automation systems.

The test phase will take one to one and a half years and will consider data from all seasons. This is how long it will take to adjust R8. As soon as there are results, Hälg will decide whether to collaborate further with R8 as an exclusive distribution partner of the solution in Switzerland. ce/heg

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