For years, Helbling has been implementing projects in a holistic manner that aim to decarbonize the mobility sector. Image provided by Helbling

Helbling takes multidisciplinary approach to decarbonization

04 August 2023 09:41

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Zurich – Helbling takes a holistic approach to decarbonization projects. By bringing together experienced experts, the engineering and consulting firm also develops solutions and concepts in the field of mobility.

The Zurich-based engineering and consulting firm Helbling takes a holistic approach to decarbonization. To successfully implement a client project, the company brings together experts from different disciplines, according to a technical article. For projects to reduce greenhouse gases, for example, experts from the fields of process technology, thermodynamics, fluid simulation, mechanics, electronics and software typically work together. There is also involvement from experts in project management and plant technology systems engineering.

Some of Helbling’s projects focus on improving the energy balance in the area of mobility. This is because transport was responsible for 38 per cent of Swiss CO2 emissions in 2021. In general, there are four ways to reduce CO2 emissions. The most important, explains the article, is to avoid releasing CO2 in the first place. This can be achieved with “the electrification of equipment and vehicles that were previously equipped with combustion engines”. If full electrification is not possible, further options include partial electrification, hybridization, an increase in efficiency, and the use of biogenic fuels.

Once these approaches have been used up, Helbling recommends two others: CO2 recovery from exhaust gases and CO2 recovery from the ambient air. Helbing has many years of experience in all these areas. Its EcoDesign approach, which is the systematic analysis of the environmental performance of new and existing products and services, has also proved valuable. ce/ko

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