Ivoclar and SkyCell want to do pioneering work together in optimized reverse logistics. Image provided by Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Ivoclar and SkyCell join forces to avoid dead freight from the USA

29 April 2024 11:24

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Schaan/Zurich/Zug - Ivoclar and SkyCell are optimizing reverse logistics. The dental company now ships its products that have been manufactured in the USA and destined for Europe using the refrigerated medical device air freight containers developed by SkyCell, which would otherwise make the return journey back to Zurich empty.

Ivoclar and SkyCell are assuming the mantle of pioneers in the area of optimized reverse logistics, according to press releases issued by the two companies. In this context, they have joined forces to avoid dead freight from the USA to Zurich in the future. “This innovative success concept not only generates economic benefits for companies, but also makes a contribution to their sustainability credentials”, as the Liechtenstein-based dental and medical technology company Ivoclar writes in its press release.

SkyCell loads medical products from various pharmaceutical manufacturers into its air freight containers for shipping to the USA. Up to now, these transport containers have made the return journey to Zurich empty. However, Ivoclar is now loading these empty containers with pallets of its own products, which are manufactured at Ivoclar’s production site in Somerset, New Jersey, and are intended for distribution across Europe.

“By integrating Ivoclar pallets into our hybrid containers, we optimize freight efficiency, leading to reduced CO2 emissions and bringing us closer to our goal of climate neutrality”, as Paulo Baumgartner, Head of Operations Supplier & Procurement at SkyCell, explains in a press release issued by his company. SkyCells headquarters are located in Zug and at Technopark Zurich.

The Bremen-based transport and logistics partner DSV Air & Sea facilitates sales across Europe by providing container returns at its warehouse. Fischer Road Cargo, a specialist in logistics solutions for regional road transport, helps to dispatch the cargo arriving in Zurich to respective final European destinations. ce/mm

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