Keepears wants to intensify the research and development of its hearing systems for extreme environments. Image credit: Keepears

Keepears remains on the growth path

07 November 2023 10:50

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Allschwil/Abu Dhabi - Keepears is growing further in Europe and the Middle East. The company, which focuses on the development of hearing protection systems for extremely demanding environments, above all in the aviation sector, has opened a research and development location in France. An office in Abu Dhabi is expected to be added in 2024.

Keepears is continuing to pursue its expansion plans. In 2023, the company opened a location in France, from which the supplier of hearing protection systems suitable for extremely demanding environments such as civil and military aviation and automobile racing now intends to intensify its research and development activities in the country.

According to CEO Yannick Hellec, the company’s growth plans also include opening an office in Abu Dhabi. This should serve as a support point for customer service in the region and is planned to open in 2024. Over recent years, Keepears has been working with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force. The company will be present at the Dubai Airshow, which is set to take place November 13-17.

In September 2022, Keepears and the Lausanne-based firm AVAtronics launched hearing systems with a unique noise reduction system. For this, Keepears uses active noise reduction technology developed by AVAtronics. Their joint development is used as a hearing protection and communication system in extremely demanding environments and is intended to reduce noise levels by up to 55 decibels.

“With the integration of AVAtronics’ technology and know-how in our systems, we are proud to bring to our users the highest levels of acoustic performance with unprecedented levels of attenuation achieved to date”, comments Keepears CEO Yannick Hellec in a press release issued to mark the launch of this system. The company describes the system as the “quietest earbuds on Earth”. ce/mm

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