Keurig Dr Pepper adopts CoffeeB technology

15 March 2024 12:54

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Zurich/Frisco - Keurig Dr Pepper has entered into a long-term partnership with the Migros subsidiary Delica. The agreement gives one of the world's largest players in the beverage and coffee market the exclusive right to use CoffeeB technology for plastic- and aluminum-free coffee balls in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

The Texan beverage producer Keurig Dr Pepper is adopting the CoffeeB innovative coating technology for its plastic- and aluminum-free coffee pods. According to a statement, the leading manufacturer of single-serve systems in North America has entered into a long-term partnership with the Migros subsidiary Delica from Buchs in the canton of Aargau.

CoffeeB is the world's first capsule-free coffee capsule system. The innovation is made possible by the Coffee Ball, which is encapsulated in a protective alginate layer developed by Delica during a process lasting several years. It is certified as compostable in Europe. Keurig Dr Pepper will use this technology for its K-Rounds. The partnership with Delica grants the company exclusive rights in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

“The fact that one of the world's biggest players in the coffee market has chosen to adapt our alginate coating is further proof that we have developed a revolutionary technology with potential to radically change the coffee market for good,” Frank Wilde, Head of CoffeeB, is quoted as saying. Bringing sustainable portioned coffee to over 130 million households “is very much in the spirit of CoffeeB”, he said. “After all, our mission is to rid the world of capsule waste.”

Since the launch of CoffeeB, Delica has actively developed partnerships with industrial companies worldwide, not only for the Coffee Balls, but also for the maximum scaling of the alginate technology, according to Migros. Further partnerships are being pursued. ce/mm

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