Aleksandr Nikitin is co-founder and CFO of Maclear. Image provided by Maclear

Maclear establishes crowdlending platform

03 August 2023 12:45

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Wallisellen - Maclear AG has established a crowdlending platform that will connect Swiss investors with European SMEs. The platform’s first projects have already been financed in Estonia. Maclear is focusing on companies with sustainable business models.

Maclear AG aims to connect Swiss investors with European SMEs that concentrate on sustainable projects. The company, which is based in Wallisellen in the canton of Zurich, has built a new crowdlending platform for this purpose. The fully automated solution places great emphasis on thorough risk analysis, with the goal of ensuring transparency and security on both sides.

Denis Ustjev, co-founder of Maclear, says the platform's first crowdlending projects have already been financed in Estonia. He and his co-founder Aleksandr Nikitin have strong connections and networks in the country, which means they can keep a close eye on projects based there. As a new entrant in the crowdlending market, Maclear is focusing on conservatively chosen projects that have been extensively assessed and can provide guarantees to secure the desired loan.

Ustjev and Nikitin acquired Maclear from its previous owners in 2020. Back then, it specialized in governance, risk and control (GRC) activities, but the partners have now re-structured the company with a focus on crowdlending. They have retained the company’s location in Switzerland due to its many advantages, including a reputation as a stable financial center and the strong regulatory framework for financial operators.

As a Swiss company, Maclear complies with these regulatory standards in order to strengthen investor confidence. The company is also a member of the PolyReg self-regulatory organization (SRO), which is recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and ensures industry standards are upheld. ce/ssp

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