Massa’s blockchain foundation launches in Geneva

13 February 2024 14:20

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Geneva/Paris - The Massa blockchain recently established its foundation in Geneva, a strategic move that underscores the canton’s pivotal role in the blockchain industry.

Following in the footsteps of significant players like Mina and Ripple, Massa, originating from France since 2020, has chosen Geneva for its foundation registration in the last quarter of 2023.

In less than ten days, Massa has nearly reached its funding goal of USD 3 million, with over 1,360 contributors investing a total of USD 2.93 million. The sale’s first day alone saw a remarkable USD 1 million raised, highlighting the robust and dedicated community support Massa has cultivated over the past two years. Known for its technical prowess, Massa’s blockchain promises over 10,000 transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization, demonstrated by more than 8,000 nodes running on its test network until mid-January 2024.

The foundation, now based in Geneva, is ready to launch its activities. It will use the proceeds from the token sale to support the Massa ecosystem through a grant program for projects. Sébastien Forestier, Co-Founder of Massa, highlighted the foundation’s aim to facilitate the emergence of an ecosystem around Massa, including the development of tools, applications, and connections with other blockchains.

Massa’s next steps involve listing the token on exchanges and expanding the ecosystem on its main network, which has been operational for three weeks with already 2,000 nodes, a number that continues to grow. Notably, Massa announced a partnership with Starknet, another technologically advanced project, marking a significant collaboration in the field.

Geneva’s selection as the home for the Massa Foundation is no coincidence. The city’s strategic location in the heart of Europe, its renowned financial infrastructure, and the support for blockchain ventures make it an attractive hub for fintech, crypto, and blockchain companies. Switzerland’s smart and rational regulatory approach to blockchain, coupled with a vibrant community of industry professionals and associations like the Crypto Valley Association, offers an ideal environment for blockchain innovations to thrive. ggba

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