Megasol has named the complete system Wingport due to its cantilevers. Image provided by Megasol Energie AG

Megasol installs its own solar roof solution at the company parking lot

21 August 2023 14:57

Greater Zurich

Deitingen - Megasol is using its Nicer X rapid assembly system to transform parking spaces into charging stations for electric cars. The internationally active solar manufacturer has now installed the system at its own parking lot at the company headquarters. Known as the ‘Wingport’, the system has also impressed the German firm Mojen Solar GmbH.

Megasol has converted its carpark at the company headquarters in Deitingen in the canton of Solothurn into a solar carport with 22 charging stations. “This project was based on our tried-and-tested Nicer X solar roof”, explains Daniel Sägesser, member of the Management Board of Megasol Energie AG, in a corresponding press release issued by the internationally active Solothurn-based solar manufacturer. The Nicer X rapid assembly system uses snap-lock fasteners to latch solar modules onto vertical profiles. The solar roof can be mounted on steel or wooden constructions and offers protection against inclement weather such as rain, hail and snow even at low inclines.

Megasol has named the new solar parking lot at its headquarters ‘Wingport’. Mojen Solar GmbH is also keen to sell the system with its characteristic brackets, which has been designed for large car parks. “Nobody has offered us such a well-designed complete system before”, comments Frank Helmcke, Managing Director of the German solar company, in the press release. “Given that there is a requirement in many parts of Germany and France for parking lots to be equipped with solar roofs, demand has been sharply rising for some time already”, he adds. In this context, Mojen Solar intends to offer solutions in cooperation with Megasol. In addition to Nicer X, the Solothurn-based solar manufacturer is providing all the detailed plans for the overall construction. In terms of the implementation, Mojen Solar is working together with other suppliers for foundations and steel construction. ce/hs 

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