Monosuisse introduces dual training programme in Mexico

03 April 2024 14:45

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Emmen/Mexico City - The plastics manufacturer Monosuisse is introducing dual training at its Mexican plant in Querétaro. It has signed an agreement with the SwissCham México Chamber of Commerce and the CECyTEC technical college.

Apprentices in Mexico are set to enjoy the benefits of dual training in plastics manufacturing. The Swiss plastics manufacturer Monosuisse, which is headquartered in Emmen in the canton of Lucerne and has a branch in Querétaro, has signed an agreement with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, SwissCham México, and the state technical college CECyTEQ in Querétaro, according to a LinkedIn post

Under the agreement, students in the plastics industry will receive vocational training at the Monosuisse plants in Querétaro as part of the Educación Dual (dual education programme). SwissCham México will continue to work with the Swiss private sector to promote initiatives supporting the professional training of Mexican talent, the post continues.

With the Mexican model of dual training, the Mexican government requires the MMFD (Modelo Mexicano de Formación Dual) to offer in-company and school-based training for learners with a technical baccalaureate or technological baccalaureate at public upper secondary level institutions.

From the third semester, students join the company according to their individual training plan and, depending on their occupation, learn alternately at school and in the workplace for a minimum of one to two years. In the workplace, they conduct activities or tasks that correspond to the company's field of business. This means that the principle of "learning by doing" can be applied almost directly in the profession’s everyday environment. ce/gba

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