Nestlé Purina invests 200 million francs in Mexico

15 May 2024 13:58

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Mexico City/Vewey - Nestlé Purina is investing 200 million Swiss francs in expanding its pet food plant in the city of Silao, Mexico. This will make it the largest pet food factory in Latin America.

Following the recently announced expansion of its Coffee-Mate production line, Nestlé is also developing its pet food production facility in Mexico. Nestlé Purina is investing 200 million Swiss francs in expanding its pet food plant in the city of Silao in central Mexico. According to a press release, the expansion will include a third production line for wet food and a fourth for dry food. This will make the facility the largest pet food plant in Latin America.

The Mexican market is the most important for Purina in Latin America and is responsible for 45 per cent of Purina’s total sales in this region. It is also the fourth largest market for Purina worldwide, which underlines the growing importance of emerging markets for the pet food business, according to the press release about Purina, a subsidiary of Nestlé, based in Vewey in the canton of Vaud, since 2001.

“Mexico plays a fundamental role in our operations in Latin America, serving as a key market and strategic hub for Nestlé,” says Lauren Freixe, CEO of Zone Latin America at Nestlé. Mexico is the focus of Nestlé’s growth strategy in the region.  

According to the company, the Silao plant currently produces 125 varieties of dry and 45 varieties of wet pet food and employs almost 600 people. The expansion will create up to 94 new jobs. In the past ten years, Nestlé has invested over 700 million francs in the Purina plant in Silao.

An additional 48-hectare plot of land next to the site was acquired to enable future expansions of the plant and the construction of a distribution center for the local market and exports. Since 2022, the factory has been run on 100% renewable energy. ce/gba 

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