OPEO has officially launched its first international subsidiary in Lausanne

16 April 2024 14:35

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Paris/Lausanne - French industrial performance specialist OPEO has celebrated the launch of its first international subsidiary at EPFL’s SwissTech Convention Center.

OPEO, a leader in industrial transformation consultancy based in France, has officially inaugurated its first international subsidiary in Lausanne, marking a significant expansion outside its home country. This strategic move is part of OPEO’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation and process evolution of industries towards more competitive, sustainable, and resilient operations.

Founded in 2012, OPEO has been actively involved with Swiss companies for nearly a decade, aiding in their transformation journeys. “Since 2012, we have supported numerous Swiss companies of all sizes in their transformations. We share the same culture of excellence. It was time for us to take the plunge and establish a local presence to continue assisting our longstanding clients and offer our expertise to new enterprises,” stated David Fernandez, Managing Director and Partner of OPEO.

The new Vaud-based subsidiary, strategically situated in the heart of Europe’s vibrant industrial landscape, aims to deepen existing client relationships while expanding its reach to new sectors including watchmaking, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. “We’ve had clients in French-speaking Switzerland since OPEO was founded, practically since always, and today we want to anchor this relationship and partnership with this new presence in Switzerland,” Fernandez added.

The launch event held at the SwissTech Convention Center was a celebration of OPEO’s enduring commitment to the Swiss market, attended by clients, partners, and cantonal authorities. Isabelle Moret, State Councillor and Head of the Department of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage (DEIEP) of the Canton of Vaud, emphasized the importance of companies like OPEO to the local economy.

GGBa and Innovaud have accompanied this expansion, reinforcing the collaborative efforts to make OPEO’s international venture successful in the region. ggba

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