Rieter wins major order from Shanghai

07 March 2024 10:37

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Winterthur/Shanghai - Rieter and the Shanghai Digital Intelligence World Industrial Technology Group have signed an initial order worth around 62 million Swiss francs. Rieter was selected following a competition that proved its textile machines to be more stable and efficient than those of the competition.

Rieter has signed a major order to supply the Shanghai Digital Intelligence World Industrial Technology Group (DIW) with combers and draw frames worth around 62 million Swiss francs. The two companies have also signed a strategic partnership. Together, they plan to develop an intelligent spinning technology that uses automation and digitization to minimize manufacturing costs.

According to a statement from Rieter, the order forms the basis to convert DIW's spinning mills into state-of-the-art industrial textile operations. DIW selected Rieter machines following a competition in which they performed better than the competitors. “We have selected Rieter based on its excellent technology and abundant experience,” DIW Chairman Yiming Liu is quoted as saying. They provide “stronger stability and higher production efficiency”. It is believed that both parties “will take this cooperation as an opportunity to further explore cooperation in a wider range of fields”. 

Michael Hubensteiner, Head of Rieter China, said the company was proud that its technology came out top in the competition: “We are grateful for the trust that DIW has placed in Rieter and are confident that this partnership will be a game-changing and unrivalled success while further strengthening Rieter’s position in the attractive Chinese market”. ce/mm

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