RUAG is making progress with the introduction of augmented reality. Image provided by RUAG

RUAG optimizes processes with extended reality

15 February 2024 10:41

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Emmen/San Jose - RUAG is making great progress with the introduction of extended reality, according to the latest report from the company. The canton of Lucerne-based company is working towards improving productivity and customer support with an application from the Californian company Sphere.

RUAG is currently working on transforming its processes through extended reality (XR). With the XR application from Sphere, which is based in San Jose, California, the defense and aerospace company is taking “major strides towards enhanced productivity and improved customer support,” writes RUAG in a LinkedIn post

The company works with hundreds of procedures every day. For example, when a military airplane is grounded, RUAG’s goal is to get it in the air safely and quickly, while reducing its team’s need to travel onsite for troubleshooting, according to a case study. Here, RUAG showed why the company adopted Sphere's immersive collaboration tool. According to the Group, it was clear even in its early stages that this partnership would propel RUAG “toward a new era of efficiency, cost reduction, and customer-centric engagement”.

“Presenting pragmatic solutions quickly is crucial at a time when security threats are changing rapidly,” writes the Bern-based Group in its post. It is therefore excited about “the positive impact XR will have on our operations”. 

RUAG is based in Emmen in the canton of Lucerne. ce/mm

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