ScanDiags agrees partnership with OMNIA Global

09 February 2024 13:02

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Wallisellen/Vancouver/Baar - ScanDiags, a specialist in the field of medical imaging, has entered into a partnership with OMNIA Global. The financial services provider will support business development, financing and market development activities.

ScanDiags Health Technologies Inc. is entering into a partnership with OMNIA Global, a financial services provider and investor based in Baar in the canton of Zug, further details of which can be found in a press release. The company, which specializes in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, has developed an innovative software platform for medical imaging. The subsidiary dedicated to research and development activities, ScanDiags AG, is based in Wallisellen in the canton of Zurich. OMNIA specializes in alternative, private and public investments and offers tailor-made, innovative financial and leverage solutions. The service provider will support ScanDiags in aspects such as business development, financing and market development, as the press release explains further.

The ScanDiags ImagoPlus platform facilitates active interpretation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) through instantaneous data recognition, quantification and clinical insights. As part of a fully automated process, the platform is capable of delivering standardized diagnostic reports. The company is expected to file a submission for approval in the USA later this month.

“Radiologists look at thousands of images in a day; the quality of the imaging, resource constraints, and a lack of standardized reporting and communication can have a real human cost”, as Rene Balzano, founder and CEO of ScanDiags AG, comments in the press release. His company’s technology improves diagnostic quality on the basis of “greater sensitivity and specificity”, while also boasting “the potential to save lives”, Balzano concludes.

“OMNIA works with entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and expedite the rate at which their innovative products and offerings reach public markets”, explains Daniel Hansen, CEO of OMNIA Global, in the press release. ce/gba 

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