Sedimentum becomes Helpany as it expands into the USA

12 March 2024 15:01

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Cham - Sedimentum has changed its name to Helpany and is expanding from Cham in the canton of Zug into San Francisco. At the same time, the medtech startup is unveiling its new radar-based security system Paul.

The startup company Sedimentum from Cham is now called Helpany and is expanding into the USA. According to a statement, Helpany has not only further developed its product known as ‘safe-living’ and introduced new functions. It has also opened up new markets. Helpany will be officially available in the USA from spring 2024. The startup has opened a branch in San Francisco.

Safe-living is a contactless safety system that automatically calls for help when needed. With the market expansion and repositioning, Sedimentum and the product name safe-living no longer fit, explains the statement. Helpany is a mixture of “help” and “providing company”. This means offering assistance and companionship so that the user is not alone. This name reflects the company’s mission to provide information for requesting help and to give peace of mind by always being there for those who need support, according to the statement.

The safe-living system comes with Paul, a plug-and-play device based on radar. According to the statement, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based sensor measures movements at home around the clock and uses AI to detect irregularities. Additional features are integrated into the associated app. Senior citizens can report an emergency from anywhere, while relatives can monitor them without invading their privacy.

By entering the US market, Helpany aims to establish a global presence. “In the United States, the specific safety needs, coupled with the extensive distances between caregivers and seniors and the common practice of spending a lot of time at home, present an ideal market for the adoption of our solution,” Helpany CEO and co-founder Sandro Cilurzo is quoted as saying. ce/gba

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