Trisa invests with a focus on the future

03 May 2024 15:04

Lucerne Business

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Triengen - Trisa from the canton of Lucerne is going against the trend with heavy investment. Despite a decline in sales, the manufacturer of toothbrushes and personal care products has invested around 30 million Swiss francs in product development, new machinery and building renovations. Trisa is focussing on further solar expansion and sustainability.

Trisa, which supplies brushes for oral, hair and body care, has a vision for the future. This is emphasized by the fact that the family-run company recently invested around 30 million Swiss francs in product development, new machinery and several building renovations, according to an article in the newspaper ‘Luzerner Zeitung’.  In addition to investments at the Triengen site, the Trisa subsidiary Ebnat has acquired an existing industrial building at the St.Gallen site in Wattwil, which is intended to simplify logistics.

Adrian Pfenniger, who has managed Trisa since 2005, emphasizes that this is “the biggest investment in years”. This is despite the fact that the Trisa Group's turnover fell by 4.5 per cent to 217.7 million Swiss francs in 2023 as a result of declining sales in the export markets of Europe and the USA with their high inflation rates. Net profit also fell significantly from 12 million to 7 million Swiss francs.

Nevertheless, Pfenniger intends to maintain its focus on different markets and business areas. In addition to the core area of oral care, which accounts for almost 70 per cent of sales, Trisa has long focused on products for home and beauty care, and sells these in around 80 countries. In 2022, Trisa employed 1,030 people.

The modernization of the production site also includes what Pfenniger calls “the second solar wave”: More than 20 years since the company pioneered by installing its first solar system, the aim now is to continuously expand the solar area “until all the roofs are full”. Trisa is also focussing on using more recycled materials in products and packaging, such as the paper handles of its interdental brushes. “We will soon be presenting new innovations in this area, but they are not yet ready for the market,” it says. ce/mm

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