University of Liechtenstein launches philanthropic platform

27 February 2024 10:23


Vaduz - The Center for Philanthropy at the University of Liechtenstein has launched an online platform for everybody involved in the charitable sector. This platform is intended to support donors and volunteers.

The Center for Philanthropy at the University of Liechtenstein has launched an information platform. The Liechtenstein Philanthropy Talks portal is intended to support volunteers and donors in setting up charitable associations and foundations, defining content-based focal points and directing their philanthropic efforts exactly where they can have the greatest impact, further details of which can be found in a press release. The “aesthetically pleasing” online platform offers information grouped into nine subject area, according to the press release.

In another complex, the experiences of successful donors are presented and critical questions are discussed. For example, these can cover aspects such as when large, commercially managed foundations are increasingly subject to economic calculations and efficiency considerations.

“Prospective founders are often uncertain in the face of the sheer variety of possibilities and forms of philanthropic commitment”, as Marc Gottschald, Director of the Center for Philanthropy, explains in the press release. “It is important for them to first be clear about their own motives and goals. We now offer comprehensive guidance in this area in the form of the Philanthropy Talks”, adds Gottschald, who originally came up with concept of the portal.

“With the Philanthropy Talks, our aim is to provide philanthropists with positive food for thought from research and practice”, comments Christian Meyn, a lecturer at the Center for Philanthropy and one of the originators of the site. He goes on to explain that the whole idea is about encouraging people to engage in constructive dialog and to get involved with real impact for the common good - both in Liechtenstein and around the world. ce/ww

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