VirtaMed and Andromeda Surgical working to improve surgical robotics

29 January 2024 10:16

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Schlieren/San Francisco - VirtaMed has agreed a partnership with the medtech firm Andromeda Surgical, which specializes in the area of surgical robots. The new partners will now seek to drive the adoption of surgical robotics on the basis of digital twins.

VirtaMed, the medical simulator specialists headquartered in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, has partnered with  Andromeda Surgical (AS), further details of which can be found in a LinkedIn post. AS, which is based in San Francisco, is described on LinkedIn as a pioneer in the field of autonomous surgical robotics. Together, the two companies are seeking to drive the adoption of surgical robotics with digital twins.

“The work Andromeda Surgical is doing with simulators truly brings to life the vision of digital twins. It marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance surgical training and patient care”, comments Raimundo Sierra, CEO of VirtaMed, on LinkedIn. “By combining VirtaMed’s state-of-the-art simulation technology with Andromeda Surgical’s innovative robotic systems, we enable R&D with digital twins, thus driving a new standard in surgical precision and education”, he adds.

The surgical simulators from VirtaMed offer the Andromeda Surgical team realistic training and development environments, as the company explains further in the LinkedIn post. This allows new ideas to be tested and innovations to be optimized on virtual patients. “Our digital twins offer an unparalleled opportunity to simulate real-life scenarios and optimize surgical strategies”, according to VirtaMed.

“VirtaMed’s expertise in surgical simulation is a perfect complement to our AI-driven approach”, comments Nick Damiano, CEO of Andromeda Surgical, in the press release. The collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of the autonomous surgical robots developed by Andromeda Surgical.

VirtaMed is headquartered at the IJZ, an innovation and start-up park located in the Greater Zurich Area, and is also a member of Start Smart Schlieren. ce/gba 

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