XFarm integrates companies from Spain and France

25 April 2024 10:26

Greater Zurich

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Manno/Badajoz/Paris - XFarm Technologies is strengthening its position in agricultural digitization: it is now collaborating with SpaceSense from Paris on spatial artificial intelligence and with Spain’s Greenfield Technologies on soil characterization.

XFarm Technologies from the canton of Ticino has announced that its offering will include two new companies in future: Greenfield Technologies with headquarters in Badajoz, Spain, specializes in soil characterization, which increases sustainability and resilience with the organization of agricultural cultures. SpaceSense is a Parisian company providing services relating to climate intelligence. It uses satellite data and spatial artificial intelligence to support better, large-scale sustainability analyses, enabling carbon dioxide monitoring across large areas, for example.

XFarm Technologies CEO Matteo Vanotti commented: “Through these operations with such top players that are active not only in two countries that are key to agriculture in Europe but also in other areas of the world, we aim to strengthen our position in regenerative agriculture and geospatial AI, reinforcing ourselves at a pan-European level.”

With Greenfield Technologies and SpaceSense, xFarm Technologies can offer new services and rely on an international, specialized team that is even bigger than before. The press release states that xFarm aims “to accompany farms around the world on their digital transition to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture.” According to information provided by xFarm, it supports 340,000 farms every day across an area spanning 4 million hectares with an ecosystem of more than 100 major companies. ce/mm

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