XFarm installs sensors at Polish farms

04 August 2023 12:45

Greater ZurichSEC

Manno - XFarm has now installed its sensors to monitor environmental parameters and insect life at two Polish farms that produce fruit crops and fruit. The app developed by the start-up is designed to drive the digital transformation of agricultural enterprises. Barilla is another one of its customers.

XFarm, one of the world’s largest producers of apples and berries, is expanding in Poland. The technology company, which is headquartered in Manno in the canton of Ticino and has branch offices in Italy and Barcelona, has now installed its sensors at two farms. As the start-up reports via a LinkedIn post, the sensors monitor insects and soil moisture at Michał Bijak’s farm, which is home to a tree nursery featuring high-quality apple and cherry trees. The farm also produces apples itself.

Lukasz Olczyk uses sensors to monitor environmental parameters on his farm. In addition, the new xTrap, an automated trap with the ability to communicate with the Internet of Things, uses a high-resolution camera to monitor the Drosophila suzukii. This form of fruit fly affects even healthy fruit and has become an enormous threat to European fruit growers and vineyards within a very short time.

“Our vision from the start has been to become a unified app that allows handling all aspects of farming - a virtual farming assistant that simplifies and optimizes operations”, comments Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies, in an article issued by startupticker.ch. According to the information, the xFarm digital platform is said to be used by 220,000 farms covering 2.7 million hectares in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company’s client base includes small businesses as well as the major food company Barilla. In June, xFarm presented its new Disease Recognition functionality for detecting plant diseases and FarmView for the efficient use of crop protection products. ce/mm

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