Zurich launches third phase of its alliance with the Red Cross in Mexico

05 April 2024 11:23

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Mexico City - The insurance group Zurich is launching the third phase of its alliance with the Red Cross in Mexico. This partnership focuses both on flood resilience in general and the broader concept of climate resilience as a whole.

The Mexican arm of the Zurich insurance group is continuing its partnership with the Red Cross in Mexico into a third phase. According to a press release, the alliance with the Cruz Roja Mexicana (as the Mexican Red Cross is known in Spanish), which dates back to 2013, no longer solely focuses on aid and preventative measures for the Tabasco region, which is repeatedly affected by flooding. To this end, the third phase of the resilience program against floods in Tabasco has now been launched, with Zurich refocusing its efforts on the broader concept of climate resilience from this point forward.

In its Global Risks Report 2024, Zurich reiterates that extreme weather events and drastic changes to Earth systems represent the primary long-term concerns. For this reason, this year the program will focus on climate resilience and training communities in how to respond to situations caused by climate change, the press release explains.

In a LinkedIn post, the Swiss chamber of commerce in Mexico, SwissCham México, congratulates the Zurich insurance group for strengthening its commitment to those communities impacted by severe flooding with the start of the third phase of the Tabasco program and for facing up to the threat of climate change.

“It is truly inspiring to see the launch of the third stage of their alliance with Cruz Roja Mexicana I.A.P., focusing not just on flood resilience but on the broader concept of climate resilience”, comments Emilia Pfeiffer, Executive Director of SwissCham México, in her own LinkedIn post, before adding: “This innovative approach is exactly what’s needed to address the growing challenges posed by climate change”. ce/gba 

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