From left to right: Gabor Koppanyi, Head of Marketing and Sales Sintratec AG; Tania Herrera, Packaging segment manager, Sun Digital Additive Division; Ricardo del Castillo, Innovation Manager Sun Digital Additive Division. Image provided by Sintratec

Sintratec cooperating with Sun Digital in Mexico

30 May 2023 12:54

Brugg/Mexico City - The 3D printing specialist Sintratec AG has entered into a partnership with Sun Digital in Mexico. The company supplies digital printing solutions and intends to move into the 3D printing sector with the selective laser sintering (SLS) method from Sintratec.

The 3D printer manufacturer Sintratec, which is based in Brugg in the canton of Aargau, is expanding its sales network in the Americas through a new partnership with Sun Digital for the Mexican market. According to a press release, Sun Digital, which is headquartered in Mexico City, has specialized in the distribution and service of color printers in addition to label and packaging printing for more than 50 years. Up to now, the company has been the exclusive partner for HP Indigo printers in Mexico, the press release explains further.

The company is establishing a new Additive Division to enter the 3D printing sector, for which Sintratec’s selective laser sintering process (SLS) will be used. With the new Sintratec All-Material Platform, Sun Digital will benefit from a modular manufacturing solution that combines scalability, multi-material capability and throughput

For Sintratec, this partnership marks the start of its important entry into the Mexican market and represents an expansion of the North American sales and service network. “We have gained a competent, industry-oriented specialist with many years of experience in the form of Sun Digital, who will now represent the Sintratec products on the promising Mexican market for the first time”, comments Gabor Koppanyi, Marketing and Sales Manager of Sintratec AG, in the press release. With the expanded offering from Sun Digital, customers and interested parties in Central America will have the chance to access Sintratec technology.

“We are confident that the innovative 3D printing solutions from Sintratec will offer huge added value to the Mexican market”, comments Ricardo del Castillo, Innovation Manager of the new Sun Digital Additive Division. Through this merger, Sun Digital expects to tap into a broader customer base. ce/gba 

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