Switzerland has the best talent strategy in the world

08 November 2023 09:41

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Fontainebleau/Geneva/Singapore - Switzerland is once again top of the global rankings for developing, attracting and retaining talent, followed by Singapore and the U.S. These are the findings of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2023, which is produced by the global INSEAD Business School.

In the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2023, Switzerland retains its global position as the country that is best at developing, attracting and retaining talent. INSEAD is one of the world’s largest business schools, with its main campus in  Fontainebleau, France, and numerous sites in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. This is the tenth edition of its index. The report was produced together with the Geneva-based Descartes Institute for the Future and the Human Capital Leadership Institute in Singapore.

Singapore and the U.S. join Switzerland as the top 3 countries in the rankings, followed by the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Australia, Sweden and the U.K. Of the top 25 countries, 17 are located in Europe, while Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Israel are among those outside Europe. Japan has slipped out of the top 25, and has been replaced by South Korea in 24th place. The latest edition includes 134 countries across the world.

“We imagine the next decade will see more visible changes in the rankings,” says Doris Sohmen-Pao, Chief Executive Officer of the Human Capital Leadership Institute, in an INSEAD press release. She adds that countries in Asia are becoming more competitive.

According to the report co-author and President of the Descartes Institute for the Future, Bruno Lanvin, talent competition “will be one of the pillars of the next age of globalization. Our collective ability to make the world less unequal and the planet more sustainable will depend heavily on our capacity to grow, attract and nurture the right talents.” ce/mm

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