SERV to offer further support to the export economy

15 December 2023 14:28

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Bern - Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) should facilitate access to major infrastructure projects abroad for an increasing number of Swiss companies. The organization’s offering for Swiss export firms must remain competitive at international level. These are the renewed aims of SERV as defined by the Swiss federal government.

The Federal Council, which is the Swiss federal government, renewed the strategic objectives of Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) for the period 2024-2027 at its meeting on December 15. According to the document, the offering is intended to contribute to the creation and preservation of jobs in Switzerland, to ensure that Switzerland’s export economy remains competitive at international level and therefore to also strengthen Switzerland as a business location.

The aim is for SERV to develop into a trade intermediary that should make a significant contribution to promoting access to major infrastructure projects abroad for Swiss businesses, with a particular emphasis on SMEs in this context. The organization should also increasingly incorporate aspects of sustainability and focus on the decarbonization of the economy as part of its corporate strategy.

SERV can also be seen as the Federal Council’s ear to the ground across the global economy. It is tasked with informing the government at an early stage about key longer-term developments, particularly shocks and crises, in addition to offering potential solutions to such issues.

In terms of its activities, the institution under public law, which is owned by the Swiss federal government, is required to work with interested business and industry associations as well as other organizations. ce/stk

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