Maxon Motor collaborates with MassRobotics

16 May 2023 11:47

Sachseln/Boston - Maxon has decided on a collaboration with MassRobotics, an American promotion organization for robotics start-ups. It provides robotics innovators with access to Maxon’s expertise in the area of precise drive systems and can shorten their time to market.

Maxon Motor AG with headquarters in Sachseln in the Swiss canton of Obwalden is collaborating with MassRobotics in Boston. According to a press release, their partnership will support and promote innovations and technologies in motion control with automation-oriented companies in the robotics sector.

Maxon develops and manufactures high-precision electric drive systems. These are used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for Mars rovers as well as for electric surgical tools, humanoid robots, and precise industry applications.

MassRobotics is a charitable robotics innovation center that promotes global robotics innovators and entrepreneurs. By collaborating with Maxon, they are able to access global control technologies, aiming to drive forward the robotics industry with the further development of movement-related hardware.

Tom Ryden, Executive Director of MassRobotics, comments in the press release: “The growing demand within the automation space for robots to perform more complex tasks requires advanced controls and drive systems.”

Maxon aims to help the engineers to shorten the time to market with the aid of services in the areas of construction, technology development, and drive system manufacture. CEO of Maxon USA Chris Blake states in the press release: “Maxon is excited to partner with MassRobotics to push the boundaries of technology, working with the robotics community on advancements in this fast-growing robotics industry.” ce/ko

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